feeling trapped at work

Help, I’m trapped!


Does the thought of being at the job you currently have or one like it – or any job for that matter – for the rest of your life make you start to sweat? That cold, unnatural sweat you get when you have the flu or wake up from a bad dream.


In other words, are you feeling trapped at work?


Yup, me too. It horrifies me to imagine my future and see a looping montage of work– commuting, sitting in my windowless office, going to endless meetings, and doing the same boring crap day after day. A tantalizing Baywatch montage it is not. Sure my job challenges me, sure I like my coworkers (this time), sure I get paid, have some sense of financial security, and feel like I’m not a drain on society BUT this work thing is draining me.


The thought of having my boss’s job makes me want to vom and that scares me. If I don’t want to move up in my company or industry, why am I there doing what I’m doing? Maybe I’m just satisfied being a worker bee and that’s my place. Maybe I just need to find a different company to work for so things feel fresh and exciting (even though I’ve only been at this place a year). Maybe I just need to suck it up.


There’s gotta be a better way around this drudgery. I need to get away from the dismal outlook of my future workin’ for the man and get into a better headspace. You too?


We’re sorta good at our jobs but they don’t fulfill us. We have friends at work but talking shop at meetings makes us want to pull our nose hairs out one by one. We have the opportunity to move up but aren’t enthused by the siren song of promotion. Why?


I think a lot of people feel this way. We feel forced into doing something that wasn’t totally our idea to begin with so we resist. We have to get a job and make money to live. We can, for the most part, choose the industry and job we want, but that feels like a fool’s choice when we have to put up a front, work on pointless projects, and arrange our real life around the big black hole known as our job, hoping the fun activities teetering on the edge of it don’t get sucked in and lost forever.


Since we all have to choose between working or being a hobo, and being a hobo isn’t in most of our five-year plans, maybe the smartest thing is to learn how to make the best out of our work now. If we can make a choice to wipe out resistance and dive deep into our projects and daily duties maybe we’ll realize we actually do like our job when it comes down to it. Reining in the job resentment, clearing out the negative notions, and focusing in on the small wins and opportunities to display our strengths just might get us on the path to job satisfaction.


Plus, what I’ve learned is to not invest so much into future planning. I really love mapping out what’s to come so this is truly a hard one for me but I’m trying.

Now you try: when you think of growing older and you see something in the forecast you’re not too hot on that’s mucking up your future, just remind yourself that future means that it hasn’t happened yet – there’s always time to make a change and derail that crap from ever even happening!


Take your job one day at a time, be present, and focus on improving your job now, not for whatever long-term plan you have swirling in your head. Things change. So allow things to change but take charge of that change.


I’d love to hear from you. Share one aspect of your job you’d like to improve in the comments section below. It can be anything: build more friendships at work, change your schedule, pack healthy lunches instead of getting fast food, get to know your boss better, work on projects that you really care about…can’t wait to see what you have to say!



All work and no play…
makes me feel trapped.

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