Hi there

I have confession to make…

I’ve never really been happy at work.


I’ve been put down, tuned out, laid off, and pissed off. Yes, I’ve seen the good aspects too, but most of all, I believe it can be better than it is right now.


I used to think I hated my job (all of my jobs) but what I found out was I hated my relationship with work and the excuses I made to stay disgruntled.


This isn’t the right field for me.

I’m not passionate about what I do.

My boss is an idiot.

I’m not using my strengths.

I don’t have any strengths.

I’m stressed out.

I have no say.

I’m trapped and bored.

I’m overwhelmed, undervalued, and overworked.


I used to view the 9-to-5 job as an honest man’s prison and I felt the only way to be happy was to break free.


The good news is I’m a little less dramatic and I’ve wised up. Don’t worry, I’m not settling for the typical BS or accepting a work life that feels dismal. But I’m done whining and making excuses. I’m simply changing my perspective. I am going to like my job. And the next one. And the next one after that.


I want to get fired up about what I do. I want to be excited to go into the office each morning (or at least the majority of mornings). I want to be creative and I want to be passionate about the projects I work on. I want to bond on a deeper level with my coworkers – I do see them almost every day, don’t you think it’s about time we really got to know each other?


I also don’t want to flee from my current job looking for greener pastures. They probably don’t exist. I’m going to dig in and fix it.

I want all this for myself. And I want all this for you.


As I slowly work to change my perspective on work, Personnel Happiness will be the vehicle in which I create community with fellow comrades in the fight against work dissatisfaction. I’m hoping this vehicle will take us all to a happier place.


I want to fight. No, not with you (or my boss). I want to fight to turn my work life into a happy one and I’m here to help you fight for yours as well. Let’s band together to share stories from the front line and tricks of the trade to learn about what makes a workplace less stressful, more collaborative, and more fulfilling. Let’s find out how to make work work for us.


We don’t have to settle for a crappy work environment or ridiculous office politics. We can take a stand for work/life balance and get what we really want in our professional lives.


The average person spends 11,564 days of their life on the job.

I want to make those days mean something. Do you?


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