12 Halloween Costumes for the Office


Halloween at the office can be fun. It can also be really uncomfortable.


People who abide by the office holiday rules will come to work in rainbow wigs, goofy getups, and puntastic DIY attire that will get laughs and kudos from their officemates. However, there are always those who seem to have drowned the judgment portion of their brain in pumpkin pie martinis and buried their shame under handfuls of candy corn. These people confuse “work Halloween” with “real Halloween” and come to the office scantily clad or dressed-to-depress. Don’t be like them.


I love Halloween and I’m all for dressing up in the most outrageous costume imaginable when attending a friend’s party or going bar-hopping. Just don’t wear it to work. Take some of that creative spillover to think up a docile, crowd-pleasing costume instead of wearing something that’ll make your boss’s wife cry in the coat closet. You’ll be happy you took my advice.


If your mind is still stuck in the gutter, just remember these helpful tips. Don’t go political or religious (making a John Boehner or pregnant nun costume is so alluring, but resist the temptation). Don’t dress up as your boss – it won’t go over well. And please avoid “sexy” animals and medical staff.


Still puzzled?

If your computer mouse is hovering over the “purchase” button for a NYC pizza rat mini dress, you still need some guidance.


Check out these work-themed, and more importantly, work-friendly costume ideas for your Halloween at the office.


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p.s. Do make sure your office is actually encouraging people to dress up on Halloween. You don’t want to end up like Mitchell from Modern Family.


Tell us what you’re going to be this Halloween in the comments below.



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