Do you sit at your desk, staring blankly at your computer screen, wishing you could be anywhere else?

Maui, Google, bed, Best Buy, prison…anywhere is better.

During meetings do you need to go to your “happy place” just to tolerate the tangential ramblings of your coworkers?

So many meetings yet nothing ever gets accomplished.

Do you use your morning commute to daydream about quitting your job, building a cabin deep in the woods, learning to hunt, and living off the land so you never have to step foot in an office ever again?

Hope you like fire-roasted rats!

We’ve all been there.

But what most people don’t realize is work doesn’t have to suck. Work can be exciting, rewarding, empowering, and dare I say, even fun.

To make your job more enjoyable you just have to learn to reframe your idea of work and change its negative associations by connecting with your coworkers, leaning into your strengths, and diffusing the drama. Say sayonara to your “I hate my job” mantra, all that overwhelming stress, slimy office politics, and those terrible schedule shackles.

Yeah okay, much easier said than done.


That’s why you’ve got to do something. It will take some effort but let today be the end of work as you know it. Instead of complaining to anyone with ears about how horrible your job is, do something to change it.
Right now.



Take a deep breath.


Imagine yourself at work - happy, fulfilled, and free.
(isn't it nice?)


Make it happen.
(take action below)

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It is possible to be happy at work.

And now you’re well on your way to getting there.